Ah, Congress. Yes, another rant,

By now you’ve heard about the upcoming cut in food stamps.  Congress, being all caught up in the shutdown drama, sat back and let this happen.  A $5 billion cut means 21 less meals a week for a family of four.  Imagine, kids going hungry because of political games. It hurts my heart.  I hated it when my kids were hungry because our schedule was off and we didn’t eat on time. 

Congress, get it together!  You were elected by people who expect you to work for us and the nation. Stop playing games and do your jobs.  Stop making the US a joke.

I need to stop now or I won’t.  I’m so done with the lot of them right now.


2 thoughts on “Ah, Congress. Yes, another rant,

  1. Someone posted on a local Facebook yard sale yesterday, begging for food for her kids. She’s well enough known to a large enough number of the group members that the mods didn’t think it was a scam. A bunch of people pooled their resources to get her some food. People who couldn’t afford the gas to drive to her country location dropped off stuff and gas money to the person willing to drive out. It was great to see people helping, and it made me REALLY MAD. Young, out of work moms stranded from the city center should not be reduced to begging on Facebook. You get the people who say “go to this church” or “go to that pantry”. Where I live they’re overwhelmed and can’t help everybody. We need another Roosevelt. We need a Congress who cares about someone other than big business and rich people. We need a government who remembers that “promote the general welfare” bit. Not handouts, but making the wealth of our country benefit everyone and not just the super rich. Sorry for ranting all over your comment section. You can tell I’m a bit worked up about this! :/

    • I hear you and agree. I’m glad she found help. I donate every chance I get and experiment with healthy cheaper meals so I can share my experience.

      No child should ever go hungry.

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