Halima Ali Muhammed wants to invest

I would feel special, but I know the deal.   Once again, a random person from another part of the world wants my help in investing millions.  I’m no financial guru or genius with money. I’m just a potential mark to them.  Someone who’ll salivate at the dollar amount and do anything to get my portion of the pot.


Subject:  NOTICE UPDATE (Note: again, what’s with the all caps?)
From:  Halima Ali Muhammed (halimaalimuhammed@yahoo.ca)

Good day!

With due respect to your person and with much sincerity of purpose I make
this contact with you and I believe that you can be of great assistance to

I AM Mrs. Halima Ali Muhammed Wife of Late Hassan Ali Muhammed from Aleppo in Syria. My Late husband  who was killed by President Bashar al-Assad
Snipers was a crude oil merchant before our  Country was turned upside
down by the on going conflict right now.

The reason I contacted  you is because the situation in my Country now is really bad and nobody can predict the  future  especially with the radical Islamist who refused to join the Western Country  approved  free Syrian Coalition which my Late Husband was a member . The President Bashar al-Assad Government seized everything that belong to anyone that in support of Free Syrian Coalition.  All my late husband bank accounts and properties has been confiscated by President Bashar al-Assad.

Note:  Everything was confiscated except for this modest amount my husband was able to hide.  Wait, she hasn’t mentioned the money yet.)

I  am using this medium to seek for your advise,assistance and cooperation
to invest the only remaining money in your country for the future of my
family. These money for the investment is US$9.6Million that my husband
managed to move out of Syria at the early stage of the conflict and
deposited with a finance firm in Europe.

(Note:  Of course the money is in Europe.  It always is.)
Please can you assist me to invest in your line of business or in any
other profitable venture in your Country which will be under your care under a mutual beneficial agreement/arrangement between us. The amount is quite
substantial and the future of my family depends on it.

I look forward to receiving from you soon if you are willing to assist me.


Mrs. Halima Ali Muhammed


Move alone, scammer.  I am not the one.



2 thoughts on “Halima Ali Muhammed wants to invest

  1. l have received the same e mail and they wanted me to create a bank account in spain so l did and it seems like they have transferred 9.6 million dollars to that account which is an online banking account at accesstbplc.com now they want me to pay 9k$ to the this bank to create an authorization code.ls this bank a legitimite bank?And what are the further risks if l pay this money, would they want me to pay anymore?

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