5 things about me


A random shot from the yard.

I considered posting a ‘true of false, you decide,’ post, but figured I’d go with an all true, maybe random things instead.  
1)  I rarely work in silence.  I need some kind of background noise.  It may fly in the face of convention, but I seem to concentrate better when I have to tune out the background.  Go figure. 

2)  I read cookbooks like novels.  I always have.  I found a paperback copy of a Betty Crocker Complete Cookbook as a kid and devoured it.  I was blown away by the Entertaining chapter.  Formal dinner party for 12?  Banquet setup?  Sweet!  I was utterly heartbroken when the book fell apart. 

3)  I like hot tea more than coffee.  In fact, I’d rather skip coffee in general except for an occasional mocha or cup of decaf after dinner.  Coffee’s acidity hurts.  

4)  i love anime.  I know some people think they’re cartoons and all that, but oh man!  Animators can do things that filmmakers can’t.  The daughter and I watch together at least weekly.  

5)  I have eclectic musical taste.  My current playlist includes anime opening or ending themes, The National, Dave Matthews Band, A Taste of Honey, Peter Gabriel, and Matt Nathanson (see you on the 22nd!).  And that’s just for the moment. There’s no telling where it’ll go from here.  

So, I shared.  Will you?  


7 thoughts on “5 things about me

  1. Love Dave Matthews. I love reading non-fiction books, but cookbooks are not so much in my genre of passion. I did enjoy reading about your cookbook passion though. That was really cute.

  2. Hi Sherrie, my daughter loves to draw anime and is doing a book and talks to license some if her drawings. Ok, I love tea and coffee, depends on the day. Today it is coffee! Tomorrow maybe my chai tea or earl grey.
    I enjoyed your post. Take care and I will stop by again soon. Come back and visit me, thanks stopping by earlier.

  3. I read cookbooks front to back, too! I take a bunch out of the library and stack them beside my bed and … read. Read them right through. The funny part is that I never follow recipes, unless it’s for baking something the first time. I read, I read, I read, get an idea and wing it. With baking, I follow the first time to a tee, then improvise. Cookbooks are like stories to me. The first one I ever read like a novel was about cooking while you were surviving and hiking in the wilderness. The Adirondacks, maybe? It had mountains on the cover. I read that thing like a bible and I can’t remember what it was called or who wrote it. I thought I was the only weirdo out there. Thanks for letting me know I have you, my fellow weirdo-cookbook-reader….

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