Bawling my eyes out (RIP Finn)

**If you haven watched The Quaterback episode of Glee and plan to, avoid this post.  Mildly spoiler-ish**.

I’m a Gleek. Well, I used to be.  I just could not get into the new crop of students last year and watched maybe thee episodes.
I was sad to hear about Corey Monteith’s death over the summer.  I know he died due to excess, but a death is still a death.  He was loved, he is mourned and missed.  How he died doesn’t matter to his loved ones.

I knew I shouldn’t watch the episode dedicated to Finn, but I felt I needed to.  It was a chance to see the characters I liked. From the moment I head the first notes of “Seasons of Love,”  I was gone.  Ugly crying.

Finn’s family packing up his room destroyed me.  A childless parent beaks my heart.  Romy Rosemont and Mike O’Malley had me sobbing. Seeing the three of them huddled and sobbing in the center of the room was too much.  My daughter is 19 (like Finn) and I had to give her a hug.  She told me I should stop watching.  But then I was ok.

Santana shoving Sue – thank you for saying things so may of us wanted to say

Puck stealing the tree – perfect

Rachael showing up – heartbreaking

Mr. Shue – a little confusing

Yes, I cried and I’m not ashamed to admit it.

Did you watch it?


2 thoughts on “Bawling my eyes out (RIP Finn)

  1. I have never watched an episode of Glee which I find to be interesting since I love musical theater and do that for a living. It sounds like a very heavy and depressing episode.. the kind of episode where you have to be in the mood to cry.. LOL So sorry you had your ugly cry… and I’m whenever I hear about a young person passing because of excess as you put it.. it is just so sad.
    Well I hope you get back into your show… it sucks when new characters come in and change things up. I’m STILL not liking the new interns on Grey’s Anatomy so I completely understand.

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