Rant – stop hating on the poor for not being ‘poor enough’

I am a liberal politically, but post this isn’t about politics.  It’s a rant about mean people, lack of compassion, and mean people.  Yes, I’m aware I mentioned mean people twice.

There is a nasty, nasty movement going on now.  Apparently, having appliances, nicer accessories, a computer, a decent car, and even an air conditioner are too good for you if you receive government assistance.  It doesn’t matter if you rent a home that came with appliances or had a loved one give you that car, phone, or accessory as a gift.  It doesn’t matter if you bought those things before your year-long layoff.  You have them, so apparently you’re cheating the system.

I ran across a post a while back on food stamps and pre-baked birthday cakes.  If you’re on assistance, you supposedly aren’t allowed to use your own cash to buy a premade cake (according to the original poster and a few of her buddies).  Your kids  get home-baked cakes only!  How dare you try to make their birthdays special?  You’re poor!

And remember Rick Snyder?  The lovely governor from Michigan proposed that foster children only use their clothing stipend at thrift stores.  He explained himself after the store went wild and backtracked.  I have no issue with thrift store shopping and do it myself, but that’s different from telling a specific group of people they have to shop there.

Poor people are supposed to sit back in rags, disheveled, wear shoes with holes, live in hovels, and make sure everyone knows without a doubt just how poor they are.  They’re not allowed to have decent lives.  They’re not supposed to have game systems or computer, televisions, DVD players, cable tv, or anything more affluent people have.   Guess what?  Cable companies run crazy cheap specials.  Electronics can be cheap, especially when picked up used.

What happened to decency?  When did people get so messed up?  People even complain about a parent trying to give their kid a nice birthday cake.

Some people just plain suck.  And if you sit around complaining about how someone isn’t acting poor enough, you’re one of them.

:deep cleansing breaths:

11 thoughts on “Rant – stop hating on the poor for not being ‘poor enough’

  1. Having grown up poor (and still being poor) I loathe people who get up on their soapboxes and say that the poor have too much stuff to receive aid. For instance, having a computer or a phone with internet access is a necessity–after all, the local Taco Bell only accepts online applications. Denying the poor access to a computer is the same as denying them access to a job. Another soapbox rant I hate is “The poor are only poor because they are lazy.” I worked in food service for twenty years, went to college (3.8 GPA), and am currently unemployed…yes, I am lazy, and the economy has nothing to do with the fact that I can’t find a job. Oy!

    • You get it! You know that the poor are only supposed to us computers at the library. Hear that one,too, and sadly often.

      I really can’t understand anyone who grows up poor who spouts this nonsense. My search for work post-graduation has not gone well, either.

  2. I love this. Because I hate mean people. My first post for the UBC was about my days on food stamps, because I’m so sick of attitude and opinions from the ignorant. Another blogger is writing about the cuts to Head Start that her family depends on. I love seeing others standing up to the bullies : )

  3. “It doesn’t matter if you bought those things before your year-long layoff.” Which is what happened to me. Someday it will happen to those people who nitpick and they’ll find out what it’s like. What goes around does seem to come back around.

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