Inspiration via young-uns

ImageDisclaimer:  Migraine-fueled posts are rambly.  

Oy, anyone else dragging?

Wednesday is usually a pretty good day.  It’s not Monday, which helps, and it’s usually a light-ish day as far as workload.  But this morning, a migraine hit.  I felt it coming last night and hoped I’d done enough to keep it away, but I failed.  A nasty one can last for days, but I do not have time for one.  I needed energy, so I stared with yoga. It relaxed me, but the aura was still there.  Coffee was my next move.  While yummy, it is not my friend and is sill kicking me in the gut.  I had no choice but to push through, so my workday started.

Blog posts, a newsletter, and article notes were all on my to-do list.  Three cups of coffee helped me through two of the posts (thanks in part to pre-written outlines), and a fourth got me through the newsletter.  Social media posts are easy when they’re mine, but my clients don’t really want chatter about my soap (General Hospital, ftw) or my geekdom.  After a stretch break, I decided to look to my kids for inspiration.  How do they beak up the day when they just don’t feel it?

My human kids game and listen to music. They keep a running commentary going as they do.  Chatter referring to game cut scenes, how hard an artist is rocking out, and groans when asked to quiet down a notch did nothing to inspire me today.  I don’t think my usual music of choice or the flashing graphics in a game will quite cut it today. Sorry, kiddos, and thanks for nothing!  Not really.


I looked at the furkids next.  My dogs are something else. I love how honestly they respond to whatever is happening around them. Old Man Oz, Stalker Victor, and Baby Girl Fred are always good for a smile, ‘aww,’ or ‘dang it, dog.’ Get treats? Bounce around happily.  Family leaves for work and school?  Pout and whine while watching the car pull out of the driveway. Mommy working?  Wrestle, bark at the UPS guy across the street, or sleep.  Raw, honest reactions.  I decided to follow their lead and take a quick nap.  It worked.

Do your pets inspire you?

See you tomorrow.


13 thoughts on “Inspiration via young-uns

  1. I feel for you. I have migraines. Not as often now. But when I have them, I shud down. Cudos to you for getting work done today. I am useless when I have one.

    My dogs do inspire me. I have a lab mix that is turning 14 next month. She is doing well for her age. She doesn’t get up and move around much, but she is very alert. Love her!

  2. Absolutely, the dog inspires us. Technically the resident dog is a piece of medical equipment: he is my son’s service dog.service dog.
    Speaking of migraines, I had my share this summer. The dog would not leave my side. He is not my service dog, but he loves me. My son knows that I am sick when his dog will not budge until I do.
    I identified with what you wrote. I’ll be back form the Ultimate Blog Challenge.

  3. Hello Sherrie,
    I love my cat Lucey and “YES” she inspires me daily!! These are the things teaches me every day.

    Healthy habits
    Livings in the moment

    Who could ask for more!! 🙂
    healthy blessings,
    Gena Livings

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