Greetings from Adrian and Gillian Bayford – scammers

Once again I’ve been offered a large sum of cash from random strangers.  Shame they think they can get me.

From:  Adrian and Gillian Bayford (

Subject:  Greetings to you

Greetings to you and your household.
If you have received this email then you are one of the lucky fellow to benefit from us.  On behalf of my self and family i am happy to inform you that i and my wife Gillian have chosen you to be one of our beneficiaries on our Euro Millions
Jackpot win of 148m GBP(One hundred and Forty Eight Millions Pounds) that held
last August.  Based on the win we decided that just 25 people be selected for this benefit,leaving each beneficiary with 1.5 million Great Britain Pounds each to better their lives because we cant enjoy it all alone,as the win is for sharing.This might appear strange but its a reality,so do get back to us quickly via email at
Adrian and Gillian Bayford is hosted in China.   No random strangers will email with an offer of thousands of dollars.  Be smart and safe.



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