Fake job offer from Maggy Patterson


Yes, it’s just that obvious.  Oh, Maggy, I’m no that desperate, honey.

From:  Maggy Paterson (radaelliingaberg@yahoo.com)

Subject:  Current Open Position:  ID/J0NFQ9C758

Hello !

Please, have look at the following offer.

Deliver Goods Internationally incorporated has opened the position of a delivery employee. In case you have received this letter, that means the online recruiting department officers have seen your resume in the Internet, since our recruiting department is looking for nominees in the Internet.

Deliver Goods Internationally incorporated inc is a European company which is situated in Poland (Warsaw). This company provides retail sales and forwarding of a lot of goods (mostly modern electronics devices) and realizing it to European clients. We have been quite viable in this sphere since 2005.

Your duties will consist of receiving goods and forwarding them via United States Postal Service and many other agencies.

You do not have to put in any money from your pocket. The salary rate is $1,500 monthly minimum amount and it is derived from each task rate with unlimited peak.

The demanded qualification will be as follows:

– aged 18 years old minimum
– be situated at specified address on a regular basis
– a computer furnished with web option
– possess daytime contact dial number.

You do not need to have any additional space for storing the items.

This letter will be regarded as a formal offer of employment and it does not involve any suspicious activities.

If you are interested, please contact us via email.


“This letter will be regarded as a formal offer of employment and it does not involve any suspicious activities.”


If anything from that email seems like a legitimate offer from a legitimate company, please let me know.

Until next time, be safe and laugh often.

9 thoughts on “Fake job offer from Maggy Patterson

  1. Why does this company need a third party mailer? It like your paying twice to ship a package. Does not make sense to me.

  2. Just received the same email from Deacon Melendez . A company in the market since 2005 don’t have its own email domain? They use yahoo emails?

  3. Does anyone know more info about the company and what is the nature of the job? Because i just recieved an email from them today.

  4. i as well recived an email from them. i am very glad to have reserched and found your comments, Thank you i almost emailed them back. Do admit the salary did get me at first. Could you give me some suggestions of legit work form home companies please.

    • If it seems too good to be true, it likely is. When you see a job listing, compare it to an office-based position. If the duties and salary match, then it’s more likely to be legitimate. If the salary is inflated, then be careful.

      Look for a position similar to your current or previous one. Research the company, Google the names, positions, and subject line of an unsolicited job offer, and never let salary sway you. Good luck.

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