Someone sent me money! Sadly,it’s just another scam.

Hi, all.  Summer vacation started today for teen boy and unbelievably I haven’t heard whines of boredom yet.  Yes, they do whine in the teen years on occasion, but it’s no like a toddler or adolescent whine.  I wonder how long that will last.  Oy.

Anyway, you know what happens in summer (and pretty much all year) – the scammers come out with seasonal scam messages.   Get money for your vacation, quick and easy job with lots of free time, get paid to receive and ship packages in your spare time, etc.   This week I’ve received a few emails along the lines of the one I’m about to share.  The difference is that this one has no themed message or job offer.  Free money?!  It would be nice if it was real.

From:  Flavio Arfanotti (

Subject:  your payment of $2.500.000

I hereby wish to inform you that we have processed your payment of $2,500,000
and your will be receiving $10,000 through money gram on daily basics. Please
write down the receiver’s real and correct name:——Address:——Telephone:
—–This money will be transferred to any name provided to this financial
institution where these funds are deposited temporarily within a short time
after the fundamental procedures must have been concluded. contact the money
gram on this email

Governor paul,


Yeah, as if I couldn’t smell the fake from a mile away.  No one gets my financial info except my legitimate employer for direct deposit, the IRS, and hubby.Be safe,people.And giggle at the lame attempts to free you of the money you have.




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