Same old scam – lots of Fed Ex shipping confirmation messages

Seriously?  There are times I’ve forgotten that something is on the way, but not so much that I’d click a random link or download an attachment in a message from someone I don’t know.  It’s laughable, bu at the same time kinda sad.  People sill click and download randomly.

Be on the lookout for subject lines such as

  • Tracking Detail (with or without a tracking number)
  • Order shipped
  • Order Detail
  • Tracking Information

This is an easy scam to avoid.  If you placed an order, make a note of the email address of the seller.  Do not click random links when you do not recognize the email address or name of the sender.  An important bit to remember is that FedEx tracking does not involve downloading anything.  An official FedEx shipment notification does not come from

And on that note, I need to go track Ebay and Amazon shipments.  Until next time, peace.

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