Apologies and rant

It’s been a while, eh?   Sorry about that.  Sometimes life gets in the way of fun.  This is a labor of love and I had to give up time to focus on a labor of necessity.

SC is a mess.  The Department of Revenue was hacked and information was accessed.  I’ve been working on what I can to protect the family’s information and credit.  Just signing up for the free credit monitoring service was a pain!  And the more information the government releases, the more frustrated and angry I get.  Why wait two weeks before telling us?  Why was the data not encrypted?  Why tell us encryption isn’t standard when encryption is safer than just leaving it open for the world to see?  Makes me physically ill to think my kids’ credit could be shot before they have the chance to do anything for themselves.

What else is happening in our fine state?  DeMint resigned, but that does not bother me one bit.  His focus hasn’t been on the business of SC for a long, long time.

South Carolina is also one of the nation’s unhealthiest states again.   We can’t keep going this way.  I know I’m doing my part to end the trend personally. I’m moving more, eating better, relaxing more, and working toward getting off of all meds.  Family health history and injuries aside, I know I’m going to make it.  My family is moving more and eating better, too.  We can live by example and motivate people to want more than just to take meds and call it a day.

Instead of just accepting things, I’m taking action.  Writing and calling state officials about the mess they could have prevented with security measures,  taking action against declining health, and doing whatever I can to help others to the same.

Rant over.  This one is, anyway.  We’ll get back to our regularly scheduled scam busting and other goodies soon.  Until next time, peace.


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