Shocked and disgusted

My heart goes out to those affected by the shootings in Alabama and Colorado this week.  People should be safe when out for dinner, a movie, and drinks.  The only people to blame for what happened are the shooters.  

What shocks and disgusts me are the politicizing and finger-pointing.  People are trashing parents who took their kids to the midnight showing.  Really?  No one has ever taken a kid to a movie?  Hubs and I took our then five year old girl to see Episode One.  At midnight because it was a big deal to us geeks, including the little one.  

No parent takes a child out expecting something horrible to happen.  Not one.  These parents are in hell right now.  Leave them alone.  

And there’s a whole lot of disgust for the political spin people are putting on this.  One person is responsible, not the war on anyone’s values.  I’m talking to you, Texas Rep. Louie Gohmert.  You make me ill.  Physically ill.  I suppose it’s easy for you to throw whatever you want out there without thinking just so you can get more press.  Any press is good, eh?  I hope the good people in your constituency vote you out if your representation is as pointless as your attention-grabbing garbage.  

These shootings are the fault of the individuals who decided to attack others.  Not the victims, not the establishments where they occurred.  For anyone to put blame on anyone other than them is just wrong.

Hugs the ones you love often.  


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