Ah, Mr. and Mrs. Dawes: Pair of Thieves

I hate scammers, but that’s not new news. One of the things I hate most about them is their desperation to prove their legitimacy. They link themselves to tragedies, success stories, legitimate organizations, and the like to help prove they are who they claim they are. Stealing the names of private and public individuals and posting links to press releases, death notices, and news article just make them a little more slimy in my eyes.

Dave and Angela Dawes are real people.  The Dave and Angela sending these emails swear they are the lottery winners determined to do good.  They even shared a link to a news story as proof of their identities and to dupe the unsuspecting into opening their attached file.  Not me, not gonna.

Here’s the message in all its glory:

From: Dave and Angela Dawes (dave&angele@yahoo.com)

Subject: Grant Donation…Check web page for our interview and attachment

My wife and I won the biggest Euro Millions lottery prize of £101,203,600.70 GBP and we just commenced our Charity Donation and we will be giving out a cash donation of £1,500,000.00 GBP to five(5)lucky individuals and ten(10)charity organisations from any part of the world.

To verify the genuineness of this email and our winnings, please see our interview by visiting the web page below;
http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/newstopics/howaboutthat/8820740/101m-lottery-jackpot-winners-Dave-and-Angela-Dawes-to-give-millions-to-friends-and-family.html (Note: Like I’d just check the link they provide to verify their identities. smh)

Your email address was submitted to my wife and I by the Google Management Team (Note: They harvested emails by purchasing mailing lists or stealing them.  Google Management is too busy running Google to share individual user information) and you received this email because we have listed you as one of the lucky millionaires, Kindly send us the below details so that we can direct our Bank can effect a valid Bank Draft in your name to your operational bank account in your country.

Full Name:
Occupation: (Note: not needed for a bank draft or transfer of legitimate means)
Congratulations & Happy Celebrations in Advance,
Dave & Angela Dawes
Email: dave_angela_dawee@rogers.com


Be safe, all.  And to the read Dave and Angela Dawes, congratulations on the winnings.


6 thoughts on “Ah, Mr. and Mrs. Dawes: Pair of Thieves

  1. I think I just received just such a scam letter. Had I not done a search for theses people and the website name used in their email address; I would not be writing this now. You can judge for yourself whether you think I caught them at it again. Content as follows:

    From: Anastasakis, Theresa
    Sent: Thursday, August 22, 2013 7:00 AM

    Donation for You, Contact Mr&Mrs D. Dawes On dave_a1@rogers.com for more info

    SOMEHOW they got through my email protection that I set up with Windows Live Mail/ Hotmail and were able to leave that message in my otherwise legitimate mail; instead of being sent to my junk mail folder. I REALLY do hate scammers and all who prey on innocent, often unaware and older aged, people.

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