I figured I’d keep it light and fun for Friday.  I’d share if I won a real lottery, but this is so not real.  Even in my most desperate times, I would not risk this.  I have too much at stake to even go there.

From:  Asia Pacific Int’l Lottery (test@yacz.gov.cn)

Subject:  Congratulations!!! Dear Lucky Winner

Congratulations !!! Dear Lucky Winner,


We are Pleased to inform you that your Email Address was selected among the winners of Asia Pacific International Lottery Promotion year 2012.

You have therefore been approved for a lump sum pay of US$ 1,000, 000.00 (ONE MILLION UNITED STATE DOLLARS ONLY)

For more details visit our website below:

Kindly click on the weblink for full information and direction on how to redeem your cash prize.

Congratulations Once again !!!

Announcer !!!
Dr.Thanaporn Deng
President, Asia Pacific Lottery Organization.

Dr. Deng has been sending this one out for years.  info@asiapacifc.org is one of his most popular return addresses.  Last year he directed winners to contact his assistant Dr. Godwin Iva  at dr.godwin01@yahoo.com.hk or the lottery cocoordinator Rev. Nikom Jirasak at asiapacific_liveprom@yahoo.co.th.

I do not understand why people fall for this.  Do you?

Have a fantastic weekend.


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