So, is it William or Edward Mr. Scammer?

Scammers don’t always pay attention to the messages they send.  Then again, you knew that.  They send multiple messages with spelling and grammar errors, bad links, bouncing email addresses, and more with their fraudulent pitches.   Last week I received several messages from William Washington or Edward Washington using the same email address.  So, which one am I supposed to contact regarding my finds?  I am so torn!  Both names seem trustworthy….

From – Mr. Edward Washington (; Mr. William Washington (

Subject – Do you need a loan to pay off your bill? Contact us at with your full name, loan amount and phone number (Yes, seriously.)

Notice how he didn’t bother to add any text to the message?  The subject line tells it all, so why bother to share more?   Also note that he wants me to respond to a different email address.  By the way, set me to a 404- error page on  BluWorld, a free emaill service provider, and is  sort of a Portuguese Yahoo – a portal offering free email.

See, he didn’t even try hard!  Seriously, if you’re going to bother with this garbage, at least make it interesting!

Until next time, peace.


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