This one’s a doozy – Johnson Williams awaits my response

Oy.  Spammers slay me.

Don’t you love it when they attach additional spam to their spam?   Enjoy.

From:  Johnson Williams (  Most likely a hacked account

Subject:  I Await Your Response

I am writing in this manner for reasons of confidentiality. Kindly hasten your response after reading through
the attached letter as I await your response with much anticipation.
Ordinarily I would not bother with an attachment, but I was curious.  And Gmail lets me preview before downloading anything.  Here’s the second part of this lovely message:

Dear, My name wasn’t even included, sniff.  I am heartbroken.  

My name is Dr JOHN WILLIAMS , the head Principal Counsel in John Williams an Associates based in Abuja, Nigeria.

I have a white client from USA who was killed by militants in the oil rich Niger Delta of Nigeria. He has in his dollar account with Zenith Bank the sum of USD$14.5M. He has no next of kin stated in his bank deposit book prior to his death but stated that he would provide the next of kin. Now the bank is not yet aware that he is death. I want to make you his next of kin first before informing the bank about this death so that the bank would release the money to you.You will get 45% of the total amount less expenses.

I have all the documents and his ATM CARD /INTERNATIONAL PASSPORT which I can send to you as proof. Please send your contact details if you are interested so that I will give you more details on how to apply as next of kin.I will call you as soon as I receive your number. Do you have a blackberry?. If yes, send you ping id to me.

Thank you

Dr Johnson Williams.  So now he’s Dr. Johnson Williams.  Impressive. 



Yep, I’m gonna send my ping id right on over.  Did he really think I’d be in a big rush to do business with him because the supposed dead guy is white?  Sadness.

I thought you might like this one as much as I did.

Until next time, be safe.


2 thoughts on “This one’s a doozy – Johnson Williams awaits my response

  1. Hi. I keep receiving emails from an elizabeth johnson who claims that dr johnson williams is now deceased! She has a multi dollar proposal similar to your correspondence above!!! What are people up to??? I’m curious?

    • They figure since promises of riches for accepting money from a supposed deceased relative don’t get you, the gift from a dying person just might. It’s shameful.

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