I’m an OPEC grant winner! Not really.

While I would love to receive a grant to study chocolate or the effects of mixed dietary preferences in the modern family, I don’t see winning one unless I apply.  I received notification that I was selected to receive a pretty hefty OPEC grants, but I am so not qualified to study or develop any  project related to petroleum.  Seriously, I am generally a homebody and leave the driving to others.

My notes are italicized.


From:  OPEC Fund International Development Program Office (opecfundfid@hotmail.com)  Yeah, Hotmail is the official OPEC email service.


OPEC Fund for International Development Program office

Congratulations, you are a bona fide recipient of £750,000 GBP (Seven hundred and fifty
thousand Great Britain Pounds) in the 2012 OPEC Fund for International Development Program.

Your email address attached to secured file #: OFID/659/OPEC emerged as a winner of £750,000
in Batch 409978E.

Forward the following information to your fiduciary agent JOHN MARK, at this email
johnmark007@w.cn (Name, Address, Phone, Fax, Age, and Occupation).  W.cn is a Chinese site.

Please include your file #: OFID/659/OPEC and Batch 409978E, we are sending a copy of this
mail to your agent as well for record purpose, please contact your fiduciary agent

Dr. Farida Ozair
Publicity Directorate,
OPEC Fund for International Development Program


So no thank you, Dr. Farida Ozair.  Try another victim.


73 thoughts on “I’m an OPEC grant winner! Not really.

  1. I got message to my number that my number selected for 2.7 crores rupees in opec grant 2015 . This is true?…………..but someone called me and also call from RBI

  2. I got call from a lady nd she said she is calling from RBI . And she ask me to putt 11000 rupees for processing fee of 2.7 crore . Put dat money immediately in State bank account . Is dis real or Fake… hlp me….

  3. I have got a SMS like this:-Your Number Was Selected For 2.7 crores Rupees in OPEC GRANT 2015.To Receive Award send your Name,Address,Age and Number on Email:info@opecalgerian.net…………… is it true?they have asked me my Bank Account details and my bio-data. wil I share it with them.please help.

  4. Mr Mrs I got SMS my mobai number winning in 2.7 cores it true ? Please imitiattly inform me becose Mr Stephen Barrett call and email me .he asking to deposit in 11800 rubis in India many .I paid this almond /but he again ask to me pay imitiatly pay 37200 plz plz must reply to me …thanks

  5. yesterday i have got a message from +918468822702 this number and i was selected for 2.7crores rupees in OPEC GRANT 2015.I S IT TRUE?

  6. Today i have got a msg form 8287840472 this number i was win 2.7 corror rupees in OPEC GRANT 2015. This information is true??

  7. I got msg frm 8468016322 this num I was selected 2.7 crores y this kind of peoples cheating lyk dis .. we r not a uneducation peoples ..

  8. i will also get this message on my phone but i want to see what is opec grant and it full detail it will see on the internet so much guys say it fake
    thank you

  9. Sir I got a message that u have selected for OPEC grant for Rs 1 crore. Unfortunately I give my bio data and all details including bank account number. What can I do in this situation

  10. I have also got the message and mail regarding this 2.7 Crore Indian Rupees. I have sent the bank details and address to them. They called me from Algeria and informed me that a personal will depart from there on today 25 November 2015 at 10.15 pm (Algeria) and will arrive at New Delhi on tomorrow 27 Nov 2015 at 8.45 am. Is it is really fake or absolutely fake?

  11. My name is jeyapal,OPEC fund fraud star Stephen Barrett cheated me rs.80,000 thousand.because no members not believe OPEC fund.

  12. i also got a message from OPEC. I gave my unused bank account details and my mobile number. someone called me to deposit amount of Rs.11200/- in a sbi account for proceesing fees. but i dont. then he told me that he is in airport to deliver my cheque.again a lady called me. she siad that she is from RBI asked me to deposi money. i simply asked him to call me in a landline number. he never called me again. so guys, if u receive a call from any mobile number, please ask them to call your number in a nearby landline number

  13. to day we received message your number was selected for 2.7 Crores Rupees in Opec Grant 2016. we are not beleive this message this is fake and fraud…… no one fell down false news …..

  14. To day I have received two message with a gap of 30 minutes from opec grant with a award of 2.7 crores rupees.I know it is a fraud.I have also received similar e mail from Cocokola and Samsung London.Why the concerned Authorities are not taking any action.The charges for money transfer were credited to the Indian Banks account only.Now the KYC norms are followed in all the Banks and the culprit can be easily traced.Some innocent people are falling in the cheating.

  15. today i revived msg from opec fund to pay case of 11,800 as a transaction fees. for winning of 3.2 crores …… pls help me . this fake ? or not?

  16. i also got message that my number was selected foe 2.7 crore rupees in OPEC GRANT. email:opecgrant2016@outlook.co.in phone no.:+919555167702.

  17. I got msg like, your whatsapp no is selected for 2.70 crores in uk govt is it true or fake?
    And requested to send my details

  18. I was win 37,00,00,000 crores in my email and number. he asks 12,800/-Indian rupees send me in R.B.I bank .. I am not pay a money.. I am winning amount in detected to charges and extra money send my account in tell with us..
    what is this? fake or real?
    tell me SHERRIET.


  19. Your Number was notified with a donation of 3.5 Crore Rupees in OPEC GRANT. To claim your Grant send Name and Number ? It’s is true ? Plz give me a solution

    I also got msg lik tis ur mob no has won 3.5cr rupees pls send ur details to us lik that then next day a mail came that our person has arrived to RBI to transfer ur amount and I sent my I’d proof then msg came lik u need to pay 11500 in SBI account and afta that I was confused and I didn’t believe so I just started surfing in the n while reading I came to know this. Is fake
    Thanks everyone fa savin my money

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