Leap Day 32 years ago

32 years ago I was almost 11.  Dad went to work, brother and I went to school, and mom and baby brother were doing whatever mom had planned for the day.  I was so excited because it was Friday and that meant our 6th grade class would play the other 6th grade class in softball or kickball.  It was a huge deal for us back then.  

But I didn’t get to play that day.  The principal came to the classroom door and told Mrs. Jefferson that I had to go home.  I groaned in disappointment as I packed my bag and prepared to leave.  Instead of going to the office, I started walking home.  On the walk, it hit me that something was wrong.  Panic welled up when I thought something had happened to mom.  I started to run when I heard a car horn.  There was mom, baby brother, and brother.  I grinned and got in, happy that she was okay.  I didn’t realize she wasn’t okay.

When we got inside, she sat us down and told us dad had died.  The world stop.  My dad was awesome, invincible.  He was fine when I last saw him the night before.  He had a heart attack at work. I don’t remember anything except crying after that.  Everyone crying.

Dad would pick Leap Day.  He was that kind of awesome.   I miss him every day, but some days are harder.  I wish he could have met his grandchildren. my husband, even my dogs.  I wish he could have seen what happened to WCW and WWE.  Wrestling was his thing and his take on those changes would have been amusing.  

Here’s to you, Henry.  You were loved.  You are missed.   


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