Another military shipping scam and news about my diplomatic luggage

Happy Tuesday!  Here’s a two-fer of scams for you today.

Like I mentioned in an earlier post, I military shipping scams are just low.  Here’s the newest one that showed up:

Remember, grammatical errors and theirs and may be painful to read.


From: US Army395th CCSB (

Subject: You Will Benefit A Lot From This (Please Read and Respond Quickly)

Hi,I am Cpt.Jean Hall an officer of the U.S Army, and I have some items I will need to ship to you.Can you be trusted to handle some serious and confidential transactions? Please contact me asap
“Capt. Hall” kept it short and sweet, and made sure to not share much as far as incriminating information.  Sickening.
In addition to this lovely scam, I was informed about the status of my diplomatic luggage.  Uh, last time I checked, I was not working as a diplomat.  Ever.   Let me check now.   No, still not a diplomat.  It didn’t stop Sir David Robert Verney from telling me how to proceed.
From:  International Monetary Committees (
Subject:  Delivery of Your Boxes Tagged Diplomatic Luggage 122.
To Your Attention;

On behalf of the board and management of International Monetary Committees (IMC). London, UK. I Sir David Robert Verney, the Operations Manager wishes to inform you that your boxes tagged diplomatic luggage 122 with Ref: No1226/X42/206 which was deposited in our vault for safe keeping is due for Immediate collection. Be informed that we have concluded all arrangements to deliver your consignment at your doorstep through diplomatic means. In line with the binding diplomatic consignment delivery policies, kindly furnish us with the following as set forth.

A copy of your international passport or any other means of identification as the true consignee .

The address where the above cargo/funds should be delivered to and your phone number.

List the nearest international airport to your address location.

Meanwhile, we urge you to treat the above requirement with utmost urgency to enable us dispense our duties and obligation accordingly thereby allowing us to serve you in a timely fashion. Upon satisfactory receipt of all the above mentioned, you Will be further acquainted with the detailed delivery itinerary including information of the diplomat who will accompany your boxes.

We pledge our best service at all times.

Yours Faithfully
Sir David Robert Verney
Foreign Operations Manager

Oy.   I say keep the messages coming.  The more they share, the more I’ll share.  Slimeballs.
Yes, I called them slimeballs.  I’m grouchy without my coffee.

13 thoughts on “Another military shipping scam and news about my diplomatic luggage

  1. This was mine:

    Message flagged Friday, March 23, 2012 5:50 PM
    Hi,I am Cpt.Trevor Hall an officer of the U.S Army, and I have some items I will need to ship to you.Can you be trusted to handle some serious and confidential transactions? Please contact me asap


  2. [28/06/12 3:48:35 AM] MG William C. MayvilleJr: I will discuss with a special delivery service here in Afghanistan just like DHL or UPS. But only deliver special cargo from conflict zones.
    [28/06/12 3:48:52 AM] MG William C. MayvilleJr: Wait..
    [28/06/12 3:50:26 AM] MG William C. MayvilleJr: The cargo flight is enroute London Heathrow from Kabul Airfield. The delivery agent assisgned will have to obtain a special Diplomatic TAG which will be attached to the luggage to cover it to Australia
    [28/06/12 3:52:31 AM] MG William C. MayvilleJr: I should let you know that the Diplomatic Tag will cost some money. By tomorrow, I don’t want you to think that I mislead you?
    [28/06/12 3:54:24 AM] MG William C. MayvilleJr: Let me explain the purpose of the Diplomatic Tag
    [28/06/12 3:54:54 AM] MG William C. MayvilleJr: You do know that the only way money is moved around the world is through bank to bank wire right?

    [28/06/12 4:02:39 AM] TT: Transfer to my account? Or cash ?
    [28/06/12 4:03:06 AM] MG William C. MayvilleJr: I will explain every detail clearly to your understanding. I will not rush anything Ok
    [28/06/12 4:03:51 AM] MG William C. MayvilleJr: The luggage is containing cash! 1 metallic trunk box with security lock code.
    chat via skype

  3. too many of them .. but don’t they realise its very stupid and lame ?? he so called MG Mayville send me.. and hahaha yeah its a love scam too !! lol i had fun playing along 🙂

    [29/06/12 1:10:08 PM] MG William C. MayvilleJr: We didn’t conclude our discussion the other night.. don’t think it is the best time to bring it up considering your headache and busy day?
    Thanh Nha Nguyen: Huh?
    Thanh Nha Nguyen: Tell me
    MG William C. MayvilleJr: I had a meeting with delivery guy who operates the UN cargo charter flight
    Thanh Nha Nguyen: Ahuh
    MG William C. MayvilleJr: He can deliver the luggage to Australia via London Heathtrow. I mentioned the other night that he will obtain a Diplomatic Tag for the luggage to cover it to Australia as diplomatic cargo, remember?
    Thanh Nha Nguyen: I only can chat to u for another 15 mins .. U tell me quickly
    MG William C. MayvilleJr: Ok-sure
    Thanh Nha Nguyen: ?
    MG William C. MayvilleJr: He will get the Diplomatic Tag from London when he arrives the Uk. Before I can authorise the loading of the luggage on board the plane.. I need to confirm.. can you raise either 1 or 2 grand?
    MG William C. MayvilleJr: I will expect an email from him when he touches down in the UK the exact amount Ok
    Thanh Nha Nguyen: Ok .. Email me . I need to go now
    Thanh Nha Nguyen: Email me .. Or MSG here … I need to go get some stuff .. Bank closes at 5pm today
    MG William C. MayvilleJr: Oh.. you need to get to the bank?
    MG William C. MayvilleJr: Money for the diplomatic Tag, you will send to London before he can fly to Australia. If we are in agreement.. the luggage will leave tonight to the UK. I should get an email from the delivery guy by Saturday Ok?
    [ Thanh Nha Nguyen: I said .. MSG me the detail .. I read it when I finish some work
    Thanh Nha Nguyen: Ok
    MG William C. MayvilleJr: Ok!
    MG William C. MayvilleJr: Have a nice day Ok! (hug)
    Thanh Nha Nguyen: How much approx
    MG William C. MayvilleJr: muah!
    Thanh Nha Nguyen: I only have cash 3k … If more I need to reach to the bank b4 5
    Thanh Nha Nguyen: I only have on me now $3k .. If more I need to reach to the bank by 5 pm
    MG William C. MayvilleJr: 1000-1500 British pounds
    Thanh Nha Nguyen: Give me detail where it should wire to
    Thanh Nha Nguyen: In which name
    MG William C. MayvilleJr: wait..
    MG William C. MayvilleJr: I check exchange rate online Ok
    MG William C. MayvilleJr: You only have $3k Australia dollar?
    MG William C. MayvilleJr: GBP1500= AUD2400
    Thanh Nha Nguyen: When u need it?
    MG William C. MayvilleJr: I will give you name now
    MG William C. MayvilleJr: NOTE: Send via Western Union

    Receiver: JAMES ALLEN
    Address: #63 Ledbury Road. London W11 2AD United Kingdom.
    Telephone: +447599685734

    [29/06/12 1:52:12 PM] MG William C. MayvilleJr: Can you make the payment today while you are out?  So the delivery guy will fly with the cargo on board the flight  tonight from Kabul.
    Thanh Nha Nguyen: I’m busy , leave a MSG …
    [ Thanh Nha Nguyen: I will make the payment
    [ MG William C. MayvilleJr: Ok-good!
    [MG William C. MayvilleJr: Catch you later!
    MG William C. MayvilleJr: muah!!! :*
    [29/06/12 4:38:55 PM] Thanh Nha Nguyen: William I have 3k, do you want more I can go and withdraw more how much do you really want ?
    MG William C. MayvilleJr: Sweetheart..
    [29/06/12 6:48:52 PM] MG William C. MayvilleJr: Where are you?
    ] Thanh Nha Nguyen: I was running late … Totally exhausted !
    Thanh Nha Nguyen: Got to do it Monday morning
    Thanh Nha Nguyen: I’m still working..I’m couldn’t do what u ask me to do

  4. Hooray and good for you!! I’ve been talking to a guy for a while and have suspected him of being ascammer for quite a while (three months) I have kept talking to him. Figured while he was wasting his time on me he couldn’t scam anyone else. I had to make the phone call about his luggage and expect the request for money very soon. Like you I will keep it going as long as I can. Revenge is sweet!!

      • I just want to know if someone know does the army send the soldiers stuff back home at a discount or for free,I mean their suitcases. This soldier was corisonding with me and asked if he could send his suit cases here as he is retiring this month after 28 yes in army. I said so he asked for my full name ,address ,& phone # & email. I didn’t think nothing of it as he didn’t say anything about money. I was just going to help him out.well he then told me I would have to pay up to 500. to accept. He was over in Afganisstan for 1 yr. Now he said he’s coming back home. he originally lives in Minn. cks. out on Facebook someone cks out on Facebook.I told him I did not have the money as I’m on limited income. then he asked for a 100. I said I might be able to do 40 he said send it now. told him had to wait for ck to come in ,might only be able to send 20. as I don’t get much. saidv that won’t do. to forget it. if he is in Afghanistan why did he give me an address in south Africa to send it to? I told him it sounded like a scam & would not send it to s.Africa. he said that who would be bringing his stuff. now today he has me blocked from his list. that’s good. his name. was David Young from Minn. but the real one I don’t believe would do that.

  5. Here is another- same scam with different name but same email address as

    From: Capt. Tony Hall (US Army 395th.CSSB

    Hi, My Name is Cpt. Tony Hall and I work with the US Army as a section commander in the 395th Combat Sustainment Support Battalion, stationed here at FOB Salerno Camp in Khowst Afghanistan. I am part of the troops still remaining to complete the later part of the war plan down here, and I really need you to help to assist me with the safe keeping of two military trunk boxes that are located somewhere safe which I would be disclosing to you once i get your positive response. I am assuring you that this project am bringing to the table will be of mutual interest to the both of us and will never expose you to any form of risk. Kindly get back to me ASAP so I can feed you with more information on how this project would be carried out.
    God Bless,
    Cpt.Tony Hall

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