Contact Nigeria Western Union and pickup your US$5000 daily. Are they kidding me?

This is just sad.  If you fall for this one, I hurt for you.  This is a textbook scam example.

From:  Hon (Mrs).  K .  Andem (admin@mmproje.local)

Subject:  Contact Nigeria Western Union and pickup your US$5000 daily.

Attention Beneficiary.

RE: Western union Regional office Final Notification on Pending Payments.

This is to officially notify you that the payment reconciliation Committee has reviewed your payment file and issued payment authorization order to the Special Transfer Unit (WUMT-STU) Nigeria to immediately start transferring your daily $5000 twice a day until your total amount of $1.500, 000 USD being part payment of your fund, compensation/ poverty allevation progamme is paid in full.

This is to bring to your notice that Western Union Nigeria has taking over all payment from Africa/ Europe, America and Asia counties etc. as Contract payment, Fund inheritance, Lottery Winning prize, Atm Debit cards, henceforth commercial banks, Security Companies,ATM Credit and Debit Union including any offshore payment centres are no more authorized to handle release of funds.

This gazette was released after an 2 hours joint meeting of Western Union International and joint committee of IMF/United Nation, Central Bank Governors and US Embassy. This resolution was championed by the US Embassy due to the numerous complaints levied by American nationals whose payments has been seized, held or delayed due to numerous taxes and fees. We have now resolved the hitches and you are advised to contact the Western Union Money Transfer Unit NIGERIA for the re-instatement of your payment file. He will be giving you further directives to this regards.

We apologies for the inconveniencies you might have had before while in the quest to receive your fund and we assure you that the problem has been resolved and you can now receive your fund without further delay through our Special Transfer Unit. Contact the director immediately on the contact information below and you are mandated to round up with your re-instatement of your fund within 7 days. This takes immediate effect from today.

Any  beneficiary that do not comply to this directive within the stipulated time frame(7 days) will not blame anyone for non-payment as non processed payment files will be referred back to the Federal reserve account as unclaimed payment.

Contact  Mr.John Mark immediately with the below co-ordinates.

Direct phone line is: +234 7039868045
Western Union Manager: Mr.John Mark

Payment Information.

MTCN :_______________  660980 #### Tell him to give you the remaining 4 digits
Sender’s Name:_________Angela Ann Johnson
Amount Sent___________ $5000.00 USD
City:—————————- Lagos
Country:_______________ Nigeria

Ask Mr.John Mark to give you the remaining 4 digits number for you to pick up your $5000 he sent to you, he will be sending $5000 twice daily  until he  finish sending the total amount to you which is $1500.000.00 USD, (One Million Five Hundred Thousands Dollars),

We agree that you will pay $280 to them for deduction Approval document to enable them deduction all charges, as they don’t have the power to deduct any charges from your money without the deduction approval document from the Supreme Court of Nigeria, this is the new law in NIGERIA as the  government has stopped beneficiaries from paying much before receiving their fund.

You have just Seven (7) days to process your payment file.


Yours in service.

Hon. (Mrs) K. Andem
Chairperson: Payment Reconciliation Board


Oy.  Be safe, all.



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