If your assistance is needed by a stranger, it’s not legit

Well, let me explain that statement a little more.  If you receive emails or letters from a legitimate organization, then you may be needed.  Fundraising letters and pleas for donations are totally different from the fraudulent and false cries for help from a ‘long lost relative’ or ‘soldier’ needing to move packages.

This week I was approached by a few scammers needing ‘assistance.’   By assistance I mean access to my information so they can use it to scam others or steal from me.  Mr. Cheung approached me twice.  I suppose my lack of response the first time increased the urgency.


From:  Mr. Leung Chung (info@hotmail.cn)

Subject:  I Need Your Assistance


I need your assistance to transfer $22,500,000.00 Dollars from Hong Kong to your country.  Please reply if you are interested for more details.


Surprisingly, the return email address and reply address are the same.  No matter; he won’t hear from me.   And neither will Ibrahim Al Zaadi.

From:  Ibrahim Al Zaadi (dherrera@synergysecurity.com)


Greeting from Dubai ,

I am Mr. Ibrahim Al Zaadi, Branch Manager National Bank of Abu Dhabi (NBAD) married with two children. I am writing this letter to ask for your support and co-operation to carry out this business opportunity in my department.

An American/ Foreign Oil Consultant /Contractor with the Chevron Petroleum Corporation Company , made a numbered time (fixed) deposit for twelve calendar months, Valued at US$12,000,000.00 (Twelve Million Dollars) in my branch upon maturity. I sent a routine notification to his forwarding address but got no reply.

After a month, we sent a reminder and finally we discovered from his contract employers, the Petroleum Corporation that Mr. Edmund Miller, died in the plane crash On October 31, 1999, (an Egyptian Boeing 767 Flight 990) with other passengers on board as you can confirm it yourself via the website below:


I will like you to provide me with the following details:

1) Your direct mobile / fax number.
2) Your name and address of Resident country.
3) Your private e- mail box:

Then I shall furnish you with due process of concluding this transaction without any delay.


Mr.Ibrahim Al Zaadi


This one is a little different.  To help legitimize the scam, he references a real event and proves it with a link (that is really a CBS News page).   Instead of requesting personal information from the get go, the scammer waits for a victim’s response before pouncing.  It suppose ti makes the inquiry seem more legitimate.   It’s not.  No legitimate company will reach out to a civilian not affiliated with the organization in question for assistance.

You would think these creeps would try harder, but they’re not.  There’s no need when people still fall for it.  If it seems too good to be true, it is.

Be safe, be smart, be well.



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