Oh the things spammers try

Afternoon, all.

I wonder sometimes what goes through a spammer’s head.  Is it all about the numbers or do they put more thought into the traps they set?  Take this gem I received yesterday –


From:  Sheila Treu (sheile.treu@usd253.org)

Subject: none

You have a bank draft of $800.000.00 USD which await outstanding payment of $50 USD.You need to Contact Mr.Rudy Johnson with this Email Address: officefedex19@yahoo.com.hk


Did “Shiela’ think I would not notice the yahoo.com.hk return address used for bank correspondence?  Or did she just send the message to hundreds or thousands of inboxes, hoping just 1-2% of them respond for additional information and each send in the $50 payment?  How many people blow $50 on a night out?  How many of them will take the chance just in case this one isn’t a scam?

Anytime they ask for a deposit in order to receive funds that are supposed to be yours, it’s a scam.  And no bank or government agency uses Yahoo for business purposes.  Not even to hide their intentions because they ‘feel they have to contact you before it’s too late.’

Check this one out.  It’s along the same lines as the first, but does not mention payment for the release of funds.  My notes are italicized.


From:  Trudy Strickland (ksvdd@ny.thesfsgroup.com) [BTW, this domain does not exist] 

Subject:  ACH Transfer Failure Notice

This notification is mailed to you with regard to the ACH transfer (ID: 891338641038) that you or any other person recently sent from your banking account.

The current status of the referred transaction is: failed due to the technical error. Please find more information in the report below:

http://atsilverlake.com/a536eb/index.html [Do not click this link – it contains malicious code]

Sincerely yours,

Trudy Strickland

2011 NACHA – The Electronic Payments Association

13450 Sunrise Valley Drive, Suite 100

Herndon, VA 20171


This one might catch business owners off guard, and that’s what ‘Trudy’ intends.  NACHA is a real organization and  would not contact the business owner directly.   The organizations and its clients are dealing with the fallout from these fraudulent messages.  The organization posted a disclaimer and asks we forward these messages to them.

If there is a problem with a transaction, the bank would contact you, not the group responsible for managing the backbone of electronic payment systems.  Did ‘Trudy’ think the fear of lost funds would make readers forget to stop and think before clicking?

They really should give up.  Fewer people are falling victim to their scams by the day.  Remember to share the spam and scams – the more we all know, the less they can hurt us and the sooner they’ll go away.



7 thoughts on “Oh the things spammers try

    • Good think you remembered before you went further. I received one about a traffic ticked in Illinois when my husband was out of town for work. I was concerned until I remembered our car was parked at the airport.

  1. The ones that blow my mind are when I read about women cashing out their 401Ks and sending all their money to a “boyfriend” they met on the internet, but have never met in real life!
    I saw one talk show and the scammer had just pulled a picture of a well known male model off the internet and said “hey this is me baby, I want to come see you but need some money first to get home”.

    • I hurt for those women because they had to be lonely and looking something the scammers promised. I think the love scammers (online and in real life) are some of the worst.

      • I do feel bad, for victims of love scammers, but also feel when a grown woman cashes out her retirement fund and sends it all to someone she has never met… I mean at some point you need to wake up and be smarter than that. The one case I saw on TV her family and friends were begging her not to send any more money, and she said she didn’t even really care if the man was real or not.

  2. I appreciate your info! I received the first one you posted this morning so googled the address, that’s how I discovered this website Yes I did notice the e-mail and it doesn’t surprise me anymore what people will try to do…..what does surprise me are the victims of these scams. Thank you so much for keeping the public informed!

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