Scam: Business Proposal (Yet Another Money Transfer Scam)

They will never learn.  Full text with my notes italicized.


From: (take note of the name)

Subject: Business Proposal/Management Placement

Dear Investor,
This is a Fund Management Placement of $65 Million.
You will be required to;
[1]. Receive the funds.
[2]. Invest and Manage the funds profitably
(In other words, I want you to give me your banking information so I can either send you fake checks and clean you out or just clean you out.) 

We request your company/private contact information (phone number and email address)
for further communication.
We will provide you with a detailed proposal when we get your response (so we know who has fallen for this and is less likely to report it). Contact me on my
or call me on +31619207655.
Sincerely Yours,
Daniel Bommel 


Notice the different from and reply to email addresses and how different they are?  You would think that an organization seeking a trustworthy partner to handle millions of dollars would have a domain name and not go through Yahoo.

Money transfer jobs or partnerships do not exist, but scammers hope that someone will be desperate enough to fall for it.  Be careful, report, and delete.


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