Career Finders email pushes possible money-making opportunity

They’re not trying hard.   Here’s the email as received:

From – isaac thomas (

Subject – re: Career Finders

Hi,  I was bored at school as per usual pretty much hooked on FOXs hometown entrepreneur spotlight on monday & became obsessed with this brand new self-employed career where school teachers consistently bring home up to $2100 a /wk+ so of course I did not know if i should believe it at the beginning but I had to try it & im happy I did because I actually earned $201.32 on my very 2nd day working. It is actually not hard at all. Ive already been paid once with direct deposit… it’s the most amazing thing thats hapened to us in my life.

Here’s the self employed spotlight web site  I think almost anybody thats got internet can perform the thing which is why I’m filling in all my old freinds & loved ones. I want you to begin and make some cash yourself. also share this email with everyone you know who needs extra money so we can all defeat the nightmare of an economy!

nodded and stood silent. forth to achieve.”

“My true friend,” she said, in a faint voice, but with 


The link takes readers to a fake news article with sparse information and a link to The Secret Wealth Formula.   It may not be a scam – the jury is still out on that front – but the use of misleading advertising doesn’t raise my confidence.

Be safe.  Don’t let a need for money make you blind.


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