Starting Over

Sometimes we hit a wall. Some call it a mid-life crisis, others call it inevitable. Well, I’ve hit my wall and feel like a kid just out of high school. Maybe this feeling was brought on by the realization that my baby girl is a rising senior in high school and my baby boy is a rising eighth-grader. They don’t need me as much as they used to; not that either would admit, anyway.

But here I am, facing that wall. I’m thinking of making some changes, but have concerns, mixed feelings, and questions. I’m not a young-un anymore and can’t get by on four hours of sleep like I used to. I wonder of I could handle working around others again. I’ve worked with others for years now, but mostly via email, chat, and Skype. I am not sure how it would be for me to step outside of my bedroom-to-home office commute, either. Am I hopelessly out of touch? Will my t-shirt, jeans, or pjs wardrobe turn off potential employers, co-workers, and clients? I’ve been questioning myself and feel like my mojo is gone.

So here I am, starting over. I’m answering questions about my goals, likes, dislikes, needs, and wants. I’m refocusing my efforts and beginning to reap the benefits. Every day of action burns the fog away. The path is becoming more visible and I’m ready to start walking.

See you again soon.


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