bait and switch

If the name seems familiar, it is. is just the newer name that Careercenter is using.  I mentioned their bait-and-switch tactics last August,  and, as usual, they responded with another name change.

I first ran across these people years ago when they used Legit Jobs At Home as their company name.  They email targets with job leads, then require a paid membership in order to apply.  Whether you do or don’t apply, they continue to spam you with similar emails.

Here’s the latest one I’ve received –

Help Desk Agents Job
Agents typically will be responsible for providing exceptional customer service for a variety of customer issues that pertain to products and services from our catalog.
In addition to other duties, agents will be responsible for the following:
• Identify and handle customer inquiries
• Follow customer service policies
• Perform customer retention procedures
• Resolve customer issues and complaints
• Educate customers on products and services
Hours of Operation
• Candidates must be able to work a flexible shift
• Available to work at least one weekend day each week
• Available to work during the holiday season
Pay Rate
• Starting at $13.00/hour

Matt Mason/ hr


It sounds like a great lead, and it is.  Company practices are the issue.  Why not come out and offer their services?  Why the trickery?  And why use an addy?  If the company was on the up-and-up, none of that would be necessary.  Unethical practices like these make it more difficult for people to view telecommuters in a positive light.

Beware of these people!


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