Dilemma – What to do when things change

This is probably a little more of a ramble than usual.  I felt the need to write about this and get feedback from others who may or may not be in a similar situation.

I was a fairly active member of a wahm community that I liked a lot.   More of a lurker since the kids went back to school, but before lurkdom I would read and comment on member posts and blogs, search out members when I wanted to shop, and so on.  It is a supportive group for the most part, and I liked being a part of it.   Recent group changes have changed my feelings on it.

I tend to keep religion out of business for the most part.  I don’t scream about my path from the rooftops, but I don’t hide or pretend to be something I’m not either.  I tend to stay away from groups with religious undertones because the focus tends to stray from business to religion.   I personally believe that the two should not necessarily mix, but there is something comforting about the common bond.  But what if a group starts one way and becomes another?

When I joined, the group was not religion-based, just wahm-based.  Over time, however, the change became clear and became part of the group description and mission.  While I enjoyed my time there, I could not in good faith remain a part of it.  I was not excluded or made to feel unwelcome; I felt somewhat like a fraud for being there.  I did not feel comfortable in a group that gave me a  label that did not fit.

Before anyone sees this as an attack on religion-focused groups, let me assure you that it is not.  This is about my take on the subject.  If one chooses to make religion a factor in how one advertises, so be it.  I’m fine with that.  I have issue with someone refusing to do business with a potential client or customer because of religion, but that’s another story.  It’s a question of character for me.  I will continue to be the person that I am and treat my fellow man as I wish to be treated.  I will continue to network and shop with other independent business owners, both on and offline.  I will market my business as I have in the past.  I will not knowingly participate in these activities under a label that does not reflect my true beliefs.

If leaving the group affects my relationships with the wonderful women I met there, then it will happen. I would rather lose contact with them than live a lie and lose respect for myself.


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