Yes, I’m making up for lost time.

Summer vacation is insane for me.  The kids are home and require more attention than they would like.  Hubby takes time off and makes road trip plans.  Extended family and friends drop by unexpectedly, and other call repeatedly (you know who you are).

I’ve been any and everywhere it seems but here.  The kids’ return to school next week will be a big help – my day will be mine again!

I can’t speak for all telecommuting parents, but for me, having the kids nearby is both a blessing and curse.   I still wouldn’t change it.  Well, except to occasionally wish for year-round school schedules.

What about you – would you change anything about your telecommuting schedule?

It’s time for another cup of coffee.


One thought on “Yes, I’m making up for lost time.

  1. I understand – as a work at home mom and when kids are around or when they have no class like summer time, we tend not to do our regular work online. But for me, it feels so good to have a family bonding time once in a while.

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