IDS Solutions Inc. – money laundering scam

It’s the same old thing.  You receive an unsolicited email from an employer who spotted your resume on a job search site.  The message seems ok, but lacks details.  You think something may be off, but you’re not quite sure, so you return the the message and ask for details.  With help from, let me save you some time.

I received this email this morning from IDS Solutions Inc.  I knew that it was a scam right from the get go because –

1) the return address did not match the contact email.
2) this part time gig has a $2,300 monthly salary
3) The HR Manager, Rob Richie, includes EDS Inc. in his signature when the company is called IDS.



My name is Rob Ritchie. I’m the human resources department manager of the IDS Solutions company.
Our firm has an opening in our United States department for a Sales Executive Representative position.

This is a part-time/home based position.

Salary : $2300 per month

Requirements :

•              not less than 18 years old.
•              internet access to reply promptly to e-mails messages
•              availability by phone.
•              MS Word, MS Excel, PDF qualification
•              absolute absence of criminal offenses or convictions.
•              experience in the financial issues is welcome.

If you are interested, please reply to :

Best regards
Rob Ritchie
HR manager
EDS inc.


A quick Google search later led to’s report.  I cannot improve on this one, so here’s the link –

As expected, another Russian money laundering scam from a repeat scammer.

When are they going to realize that we’re getting smarter every day and spreading the word about them?  It makes me wonder what good they could do if they put that energy to legal use.

Be safe!


One thought on “IDS Solutions Inc. – money laundering scam

  1. Great article on the HR scams aka resume game.. I too am on a mission with Pakistani scammers. They love to cheat Americans and Canadians.

    You know, if these scammers actually took the time to do an honest living, they’d be multi-millionaires by now . I was scammed by E-Digital Stream aka Thus, I have taken it upon myself to expose these crooks. The problems begin when you sign up on established outsourcing websites like elance, guru, odesk, scriptlance getafreelancer etc. An unsophisticated customer is rip off of their hard earned money in these scams

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