An interesting one follow up – PAX LLC

I responded to a job post for an Academic Exchange Coordinator position on June 2 expecting it to be a scam.  Oh man, is it ever!  These crooks are not only looking to hit up job seekers, but have no qualms about ruining the reputation of a legitimate organization in the process.

Without an interview or a review of my references or resume, Victor Carabut of PAX LLC, not PAX the non-profit academic exchange organization, sent me a copy of an coordinator agreement to complete.  Before receiving an official job offer, I am supposed to share my social security number and banking information; but sharing a driver’s licence number and/or passport info are optional.

In the ad, my duties would entail meeting students at the airport and transporting them to their host’s home.  In the email, I do that, but also receive payment for academic services.   I’d be paid $500 a month plus 3% of the program fee.

This guy used the legitimate organization’s logo and address on this agreement, but changed the phone and fax numbers to suit his needs.  The website he mentions in the email,, is a clone.  I ran a WHOIS search and found the administrative contact using the legit address but different phone and fax numbers.  “Heidi Guerrero,” I see you!

Heidi Guerrero
+1.2815062758 fax: +1.8008566733
14 Willett Avenue
New York NY 10573


Here’s a little more interesting information.  The contact number used on the clone site (347-826-4983 ) has been used by scammers before.  Ever heard of Intaro Safe Business Group or UNIS Holding Group?  Only potential victims and fraudwatchers have.  Thanks for sharing!

I’ve contacted and forwarded the email, link, and copy of the agreement.

This isn’t new, unfortunately.  Scammers frequently clone a legitimate business in order to catch potential victims off guard.  Victims think they have found a legit position and stop digging for information.  By the time they realize they’ve been scammed, the crooks have made off with the victim’s funds, identities, and self-esteem.

Never let a familiar company name keep you from doing the research.  Don’t stop with the URL the contact person shares.  As always, if any of you have been contacted by these crooks, please share.


8 thoughts on “An interesting one follow up – PAX LLC

  1. This is very unfortunate, but it definitely happens. It’s hard to trust some of these businesses. I guess this is a disadvantage to telecommuting. Don’t you agree?

  2. I agree. Criminals make it much harder for both the job seeker and companies searching for telecommuting workers. As soon as word of the false ad hits the web, the legit company is wrongly labeled the scam and the scammer just moves on to copy another organization’s identity.

  3. Thank you very much for creating this site. I received an email from Nicholas Burtscher, Regional Director PAX-Program of Academic Exchange using the same phony information that your were provided. The address of 14 Willett Avenue, Port Chester, NY 10573 was the same. However, I was given 800.555.6211 Ex. 361 and 914.690.0350 (Fax) as contact numbers. The email address he used was, and there was a link to the legitimate PAX website.

  4. Okay, thanks for the information but now I am really confused. There is a website for PAX that looks legitimate but gives the same address at you provided: 14 Willett Ave., Port Chester, NY 10573, with a phone number of 1-800-555-6211. They have an on-line application that you complete but there is nothing that asks for a social security number or any bank information. Could this site be the actual one for the organization or is there another address any one has seen? If any one has completed the application and received a response, what happened afterwards. Right now, they are advertising in about four of five different states for community coordinators for their program. It would be great to have some more current information in determining if this site is the real one especially since they make a disclaimer at the bottom of their website that they do not want your personal social security number or banking details in order to complete the application process.

    • Hi, Larry. What you’ve found may be the legitimate organization. Scammers like to spoof legitimate, but little-known organizations to make it easier to fool their targets.

      • Thanks for the response Sherriet it is appreciated. While I am writing this reply I am waiting for a phone call from one of the Regional Directors of the legitimate PAX organization. If the call proves fruitful I may become a local coordinator if accepted. I believe my background is well-suited for the part-time position as I am currently a substitute teacher for one of the local school districts here in Colorado Springs. And as such, I have the time available to work with high schools and potential host home families.

        You seem very contented in your present situation. Perhaps you can share what it is you do in your home based businesses with my wife who recently relocated here from from her home country of Jamaica. She is open to pursuing other opportunities outside of the traditional “8 to 5” routine especially since she is currently having to complete immigration processing. Any information you would care to share will be appreciated Sherriet. Her direct email address is xxxxxxx.

        Thanks in advance for your feedback/suggestions.



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