June 30, 2008: Please Take My Children to Work Day

I think I like that!  It was created with SAHMs in mind by MommaSaid.net. Oh, I wish someone (namely hubby) would take the kids to work with him one day.  He needs to really understand what it’s like to try to work when they’re on top of him.  Really, anyone that thinks that a SAHM or WAHM just hangs out all day playing with the kids, watching soaps, and eating bon-bons needs to spend a day in our shoes.

Making them understand that mom’s working is not the issue because they understand and even ask what my schedule is like.  It’s once I’m off the clock that they pounce.  Here’s a typical day:

Act 2, Scene 1 –

Girl: Mom, he’s touching my stuff!

Boy: Well she should play with me!

Act 3, Scene 4

Girl: MOM!  He’s sitting on the remote!

Boy: Her shows are boring!


Boy: Why did she hug dad first?  Why did dad hug her first?

Girl: Grow up whiner!

Boy: Sherrie, Dad!  Did you hear what she said?

And so on.

I’m not saying that I want to work somewhere else, and most SAHMs aren’t saying they want to go to work outside of the home.  We just need a break every once in a while, and not necessarily from the kids.  A break from the people who think we’re lazy slacker types or priveledged rich chicks would be nice. PTMCTWD would be awesome for that reason alone!

Here’s another thought – only childess people know what it’s like to never use the bathroom in peace.  That might seem like nothing to you, butto me and some of my stay at home sisters (and brothers), it would be a bit of paradise!


3 thoughts on “June 30, 2008: Please Take My Children to Work Day

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  2. Thanks for the great post! My kids came home at around 3:30 and immediately starting fighting. It’s too early in the summer for this!

    They’re ripping me apart over at CafeMom, saying my holiday it a slap in the face of working moms. But I never said that working moms don’t deserve a day off. They sure do.

    Oh well. As long as some moms feel validated and appreciated, it was worth it.


  3. Hi Jen. It seems you’re a casualty in the Mom Wars. Working moms seem to be more sensitive about the time away from their kids and can’t fathom anyone wanting to be away from them. It’s how I felt, anyway.

    I’ll see you on CafeMom. I’ll come take some of the hits. 🙂

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