Tuesday Toot – a little late, lol

But it’s been that kind of week!  School’s almost out for DD, DS is already out, and the house hunt has entered the final stages – we hope.  Throw in surgery for the pup (more on that later) and a vacationing hubby, and WAHM life is even crazier than usual.

This is the Tuesday Toot (Thursday in my case, lol).  Basically I get to toot my own horn and see how other blogging mamas are tooting theirs.  It’s inspiring, and not in a cheesy, Stepford-like way.

Tuesday Toot!

I’ve mentioned before that I’m improving my health and getting back into shape.  Well, I’ve been making awesome progress.  The scale isn’t moving as quickly as I’d like, but I’m down to 225, have lost 2 % body fat, and my endurance is way up.  I’m sleeping better, eating better, and feel better all aound.

Even on my bad days I feel good.  I couldn’t have done with without my hubby’s support & my girls – Lisa, Elizabeth, Carrie, Heather, Eboni, Char, & my CafeMom goddesses! All of my girls are online buddies, but are just as inspiring as if they were working out next to me or chatting over coffee.

Eboni says it’s not weight loss, but weight removal and I’m going to use that phrase from now on.  If you lose something it could come back, but once removed, it’s gone.

Have a fab Thursday and remember to always find something to toot your own horn about!


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