Stupid people who abandon or neglect their pets

Our dogs are all rescued. They had owners who were idiotic, abusive, neglectful, and just plain stupid.

We took Fred in to be spayed yesterday. She’s our American Bulldog pup, a 6 month old, 46 pound bundle of energy and lots of love. She and her brother were abandoned around Christmas near my in-law’s property and we brought her home to keep Oz, our boxer, company. They’re great buddies, ad we would not have her if not for the idiot that dumped her. I suppose I should thank you, but I have a hard time doing that. Those dogs were pups and could have died out there if my in-laws had not been such softies. You and others who just dump their pets suck.

I’m particularly annoyed because I think I know why she and her brother were dumped. We found out yesterday that she has a double cervix and could not breed. Her bro is tiny and most likely was the runt of the litter. These awesome pups were dumped because they could not make their owners any money. Those people just suck! I’d say more, but I want to keep this on the family-friendly side.

Our dearly departed Willow was found at the shelter; she was a neglect case. She was an adult boxer and weighed a whopping 35 pounds and had heartworms when we found her. We fattened her up, treated those worms, and long before she was healthy we realized how lucky we were to have such an amazing dog. She was brilliant, patient with all children, protective, kind, and a total sweetheart. Cancer took her from us, but she knew she was adored for the last 4 years of her life. How anyone could mistreat her was and still is beyond my comprehension.

Oz was also a rescue. He was a 6-8 month old ball of energy when we found him. We were checking the shelter in hopes of finding my brother-in-law’s missing dog and saw this brindle bouncing ball. He was and still is a total nut. We think maybe he escaped one time too many and his owners gave up on him. We found out later that he is terrified of belts (hubby can’t take one off in Oz’s presence without the poor dog yelping before runs and hides), coffee mugs, and completely loses it when we spar. I can’t imagine what kinds of things he went through.

I suppose I should thank the idiots after all. So thank you for being cruel, heartless, idiotic, irresponsible pet owners. Because of you we have been blessed three times.


2 thoughts on “Stupid people who abandon or neglect their pets

  1. Hi, I’m Audrey. I found your blog through MommyFest. Though it’s long over, I’m loving meeting others and enjoying some great blogs.

    We have two dogs, both from the pound. One was left there when his owner went to jail. He is just a sweetie. The other is an escape artist so his previous owners finally didn’t come get him. We took him. He’s only escaped from us once, and that was from a 2nd story window. Other than one incident, he’s the best.

  2. I found your blog through the tag surfer! I too have 3 rescues, one is a pit bull rescued off the street from a backyard breeder trying to sell puppies, they were all sick only 2 survued and my Daisy is one. Thank God you took all those babies in! Looking forward to reading your site!

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