5 things about this mom

This is another MommyFest meme and the posts I’ve read so far are a riot!

I’ll keep this one short & sweet.

1) I’m addicted to coffee.  If I only have two cups in a day, my family worries that something is wrong with me.

2) I sleep maybe 5 hours a night on a good night.

3) My inner child is strong and I let her out to play fairly often.

4) I’m a gaming (PS3), sci-fi,  and anime freak.  Seriously.  I have to get my fix of at least one every week.  It keeps my other inner child happy.

5) I’m kind of a hermit, but hubster says I’m the most sociable hermit he’s ever heard of.


2 thoughts on “5 things about this mom

  1. I am addicted to Coke! I love WII although I don’t own one I have to snag time on my grandkids! I am a hermit but I love having family over! I love movies…could watch movies all day long! And I love love love to write. It is the one thing that gives me more joy then just about anything and lets me be who I really am….if you want to know me, really know me, read what I write! And I love to laugh at myself…I’m fairly stupid sometimes lol.

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