Another Shaklee benefit – the savings!

Cleaning is not high on my list of favorite activities, but I’ve liked ti a little more since Shaklee came into my life!  Not only a I free from the fumes from the various products I used before, I’m saving money!  Really!

I’m on my fifth month on the same bottle of dish soap and still have plenty left. I do dishes by hand daily and cook a lot.  I’m blown away by how long it’s lasted, especially when compared to what I used to use.  My former fav was Palmolive Oxy, priced at around $3 for a 28 oz bottle.  We’d get a new one every 1 1/2 – 2 months.  With Shaklee’s dish soap, I’ve spent $1.35 a month!  $6.75 for five+ months of this product vs. $13.50 for 5 months worth of Palmolive.

Another way that I’m saving with Shaklee is with my general cleaning products.  One 16 oz. bottle of concentrate is being used on my carpet, floor, walls, counters, mirrors, and windows, and have barely made a dent in the bottle!  Like the dish soap, I’m on month 5 of this baby and still have plenty left.  I’ll spend $10.15 when I need to replace it.  I used to spend much more for Windex, Resolve, and Lysol concentrate!

The laundry products rock!  I have gotten 45 loads out of a 32 oz. bottle of liquid – and use it to pre-treat stains.   My clothes look and feel great and I’m not lugging a 100 oz. bottle from washer to washer.  I spend 28 cents per load!  28 cents vs. the $1 I used to spend when I used Gain.

With the cost of gas ($61 to fill my tank yesterday), every little bit saved in other areas help!


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