5th Annual Mommy Fest – wanna join me?

Like I’ve mentioned before, I work, attend class, etc., all from my home office. It can get a little lonely without coworkers nearby, so I pop onto some of my favorite sites when I’m on break and sometimes just because. I ran across a post that caught my attention. How does an online convention of moms sound? To the single peeps and dads out there, probably a little scary or even bleah. To a mom, especially one lie me that has a crazy schedule, I think it’s pretty neat.

MommyFest is in its 5th year and I’ve heard nothing but positive things about it in the past. This year I’ll be taking part – as an exhibitor (go Shaklee!) and a participant.

Even though it’s online, MommyFest will be like any other convention – exhibits, workshops, giveaways, discounts, games, and most importantly, it will celebrate motherhood. There will be a blog party this year, too, and I’ll be right in the middle of it.

Now I haven’t decided what specials I’ll run or what all of my giveaways will be, but planning is part of the fun.


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