Why I currently hate my dogs

Fred (5 month old American Bulldog girl) and Oz (3 year old Boxer boy) are usually my babies.  I do most of the walking, feeding, grooming, and loving.  I’m training Fred (a challenge in itself) and Oz was almost fully trained when he came into the family.

At 6:15 am I decided to take them out while coffee brewed & the family was struggling to awake.  It’s still kind of dark out and cool – unusually cool for this time of year in Charleston.  After a pit stop in their usual spots, the dogs began racing around the playground.  They decided to jointly knock me on my butt.  100-100 pounds of do slammed not my left leg.  I flew off the ground, then landed hard on the ground.

Oh man did I curse.

After a few minutes on the ground, dogs oblivious to my plight, I dragged myself inside & yelled for the evil furbies to follow.  I’ve been drugged ever since.  Drugged and caffeinated.  Walking hurt!  Really hurts.

What am I most annoyed about?  I can’t work out today and might not get to work out tomorrow. Not the way I want to anyway.  Instead of sweating I’ll be sticking with extremely modified yoga.  Maybe.

I’m going to be a grumpy wahm for a day or so.


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